Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set of 5 with Chef’s Knife, Utility Knife, Fruit Knife, Paring Knife, Peeler, and Sheaths (Black or Multicolored with White Blades)

This ceramic kitchen knife set comes with four different knives and one peeler. Choose between our black set or our multicolored set with white blades. The first knife in the set is a six inch chef’s knife. This large knife is suitable for a variety of uses in the kitchen, like slicing boneless meat, vegetables, and fruit. The second is a five inch utility knife. This knife is also suitable for a variety of slicing needs. The third is a four inch fruit knife perfect for slicing fruit. The fourth is a three inch paring knife. This small knife is suitable for peeling fruits and vegetables. All four of these knives have ceramic blades made from zirconia, smooth edges, and triangular points. In addition to these four knives, we’ve also included a peeler for removing the skin of vegetables and fruits. Ceramic knives are superior to stainless steel knives in that they are significantly harder. In fact, zirconia is second in hardness only to diamond. Because of this hardness, ceramic knives are very sharp and able to retain their sharp cutting edge up to ten times longer than metal knives. That means you won’t need to regularly sharpen these knives as you would metal knives. Because they are very sharp, we’ve included four sheaths that cover the blades and prevent accidents. These ceramic knives have non-reactive blades that are resistant to oils and acids. Thus, unlike other knives, these knives will not change the original taste, smell, or color of the food you are cutting. Additionally, these knives are rustproof and stain resistant, and they won’t absorb any food elements. This makes them extremely easy to clean—all they need is a quick rinse. Do not use a dishwasher to clean the knives, as they can chip. We also recommend using only silicone, wooden, plastic, or bamboo cutting boards. Do not use these knives for carving, chopping, boning, or prying. Our products have a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.


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