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“Results suggest that fidget toys were instrumental in refocusing the attention of students who had previously succumbed to distractions to the learning process.”

Quote produced from a study conducted by Georgia Southern University.


The Fidget Motion Spinner

Our unique spinner is for one and all. A student. A working professional. A stay at home mom. A Five year-old. And even a fifty-five year-old. Our spinners are specially designed to help increase the focus of the user and improve the users thinking ability. Made from child safe plastic, a custom design, and high quality bearings our spinners will spin for at least two minutes right out of the package.

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Why Us

At Fidget Motion we have searched far and wide to bring to you the products that will better your life. We don’t settle for cheap knock-off versions of anything, instead we put quality and beauty as our number one priority. Our journey is just beginning and we would love your support as we try to help improve the world one product at a time. We will be coming out with new products sporadically throughout the year. Please keep up with us to stay in the know with our latest life changing product!

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