How They Work

  • EASY TO INFLATE and AIRTIGHT. With a couple scoops of air this lounger can be inflated outside and inside in a matter of seconds. Measuring at over 9’ long, there is plenty of material to roll up and seal to ensure a comfortable and superior cushion. Included also is a closable air-hole to fine tune the inflation without unrolling and starting over.
  • COMFORTABLE AND ACCOMMODATING. When it is inflated, our lounger is designed to provide a comfortable,supportive head-rest to provide the best relaxation possible. The lounger also includes on the side a pocket sleeve so you can bring along your device, favorite book, snack, drink etc.
  • WATERPROOF AND TEAR RESISTANT. Made from 210T Polyester Plaid Thermoplastic Polyurethane gives it a competitive edge over other loungers. This material has a high tension strength, tear resistant, highly puncture resistant and long lasting durability in any environment -- including water! Take the lounger out on the waters and do your relaxing while floating.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT STORING. No need to worry about taking up so much space in your car or closet with this one. The lounger can be compacted down to fit in a small carrying bag and stores at a light 3lbs. When the product is set up for use, the product will hold up to 400lbs.
  • LOST CREEK GETS YOU OUTSIDE. Our company is committed to helping people get outdoors and enjoying it so much that people will always want to find reasons to be outside, relax and enjoy nature. Our inflatable lounger is our company’s flagship product in carrying out that desire to help you have positive regenerating experiences with nature.
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